Carrington Foreclosure Services is structured to process non-judicial foreclosures along with services including Deed in Lieu of foreclosures, full reconveyances, issuance of demand letters, document preparation (assignment, deeds), military searches and post-foreclosure services (FHA and VA). Our goal is to provide the utmost in professional service to our clients, meeting your needs every time.


Carrington Foreclosure Services specializes in residential services, using the most state-of-the-art systems and software. Our process was generated with integrity, security, technology and deep industry knowledge of driving forces. With our paperless process, you can send and receive your data securely and receive reports electronically, ensuring your customer’s information is protected.

Capacity and Systems

We have the capacity and systems to serve institutions, without the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach of larger providers.

We handle the following foreclosure procedures:

  • Non-Judicial Foreclosures – Carrington Foreclosure Services handles FHA/VA/USDA, conventional, first and second-trust deeds, all-inclusive trust deeds, lien contracts and land sale contracts.
  • Foreclosure Sales and Bidding – Carrington Foreclosure Services can bid at foreclosure sales per your direction, and create foreclosure sale solutions that suit your needs.
  • Post-Sale – Carrington Foreclosure Services is also well versed in after-sale procedures, and can complete any VA/FHA post sale processes you need. This means we can alert you to anything that will affect the marketable title such as liens, needed assignments, delinquent property taxes, bankruptcies, delinquencies of prior deeds of trust, or Federal and State tax liens.

Deed in Lieu

Carrington Foreclosure Services is highly skilled at managing the Deed in Lieu process, working with property owners and lenders to release owners from their mortgage obligations. We work diligently to properly secure the loss mitigation package to ensure swift resolution. Our attention to detail ensures each document is executed to precision and in line with anti-deficiency laws as necessary.


Carrington Foreclosure Services works closely with designated counsel to provide bankruptcy relief services for all parties involved in filing. Document support is offered in hard-copy, electronically or a combination of both, per your preference, along with regular status reports throughout the bankruptcy process.


Carrington Foreclosure Services also works closely with designated counsel to provide a wide range of experience in handling property evictions - navigating every step of the process and documentation with skill, security and ease. Every eviction is handled according to strict legal requirements regardless of filing type, including notices to pay rent or quit, notice to correct a violation of a lease or quit, general notice to quit and 30- or 60-day notices.

Doc Prep

Carrington Foreclosure Services also excels in foreclosure document preparation of all kinds. We ensure every step is taken in accordance in any filing you’re undertaking, taking extra care to properly and professionally prepare each document. We review every page to ensure all pertinent information is included, making your legal process easier in the process.